«Where precision meets passion: Jarvis Auto Repair, your trusted auto shop.»


Cadillacs Repair

We are a workshop specialized in the repair of Cadillacs. We guarantee efficiency, price transparency and exceptional results to keep your Cadillac at its best.

Cooling and Heating Systems

We are experts in the repair of cooling and heating systems for vehicles, offering efficient and high-quality solutions.

Transmission Services

We are your trusted destination for transmission system repair, with specialized technicians and advanced technology.

Electrical Systems

Our highly trained team uses advanced technology to accurately diagnose and repair, ensuring optimal electrical performance in your car.

Brake Systems

We offer fast and accurate services to ensure the safety and optimal performance of your vehicle’s brakes.

Fuel Systems

We are specialists in fuel system repair, offering specialized services to maintain the efficient performance of your vehicle.



«Jose put a new engine in my car for a price no other competitor could match. They are very honest and they know their stuff. If you have a car issue take it to Jarvis!»

Matthew Savino

«I’ve been going to Jarvis for years and highly recommend them. They’re exactly what I look for in a shop: inexpensive, reliable and honest.»

Melanie Havey

«Honest, affordable and efficient. I will take all my out of warranty work here from now on, I wish that I had found them sooner!»

David Doyle

«Front of the house is Monica & Jose, back of house is Jose & Crew of efficient Mechanics have kept my Cadillac CTS cruise’n within my budget!»

Becky Nieto

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